Winter Property Management Tips


Don’t let winter conditions force you to make a claim!

We have listed some tips on winter property management to ensure that your property is looked after by your tenants.

Therefore ensuring that there are no unnecessary claims resulting in increased premiums:-

1) Make sure that the pipes and roof have insulation and the loft storage tank, if there is any, has insulation foam ensuring that they don’t freeze.
2) Ask your tenants to make sure that they are heating and maintaining the property correctly, even when they are not there. Especially in the winter. Tenants often don’t necessarily turn the heating on sometimes because of the cost. They do though need to ensure that it is properly heated so there are no problems with the pipes freezing.
3) Make sure that your stopcock is working and that your tenants know where it is.


4) Do you have a condensing boiler? If so, make sure to lag the outlet pipe to ensure that it doesn’t freeze during the winter. If they are not the boiler can freeze and consequently need replacing.


5) Make sure that your tenants have bled the radiators to release any trapped air. If the radiator isn’t warming up due to trapped air then it won’t keep the house warm.


6) Check for loose guttering or overhanging trees or broken tiles at the property as these could cause damage during a storm.


7) Make sure that you have adequate insurance in place including having enough contents cover


8) Check the central heating is working properly. It may be time to have a service of the boiler to make sure that it is as efficient as possible?


9) Drain any outside pipes. Burst pipes can be a nightmare and often the outside pipe or water systems are overlooked. During the winter this is critical. 


10) Does your property have a working chimney? If so, make sure that it is swept on a yearly basis.


11) Ask your tenants to make sure if there is any build-up of snow on the roof to keep an eye on it. Often this can melt quickly and consequently cause more damage 


12) Make sure that the roof is in good repair. Get a roofer round to ensure that there are no leaks in the roof and there are no loose tiles to cause any damage.


13) Get them to check all the outside gates to make sure that they are secure. Ensuring they are not likely to come off in a storm.


14) If your property is empty be sure to drain down the water. Keep the heating on a low temperature.


15) Make sure to complete any small works such as draughty doors and flimsy pipes before the winter.


The above property management tips are to help you to ensure that your home is protected and you don’t make unnecessary claims you don’t need to.

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