What did 2023 do for buy to let landlords?


Are you a buy to let landlord?

2023 has been a huge year for there to be additional licensing together with changes for landlords as follows. In terms of insurance, buy-to-let landlords need to be aware of potential changes in cover, premiums and excesses. Landlords with HMO properties may also need to consider specialist HMO insurance;


Fire Safety (England) regulation 2022 came into force. One the 23rd January 2023 new fire regulations came into force for multi occupied buildings that fall under the building safety act 2022. Any property containing two or more domestic premises, with common parts, a residence will need to pass through the exit of building in case of emergency. It is important that you now understand that you are if the owner a responsible person who must carry out certain safety duties including fire safety instructions. Providing information for fire doors and fire safety to residents.

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MP’s released report on renter reform proposals known as a fair and private rented sector. The main concern was around the need for court system prior to any other proposed change to be made.

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Landmark court ruling on right to rent arrangements.

The supreme court unanimously ruled that a right to rent order cannot be made against a superior landlord only against immediate landlord and tenancy that generates the relevant rent. This relates to an order against the right to rent company rather than the superior landlord, providing some clarity for buy to let landlords who may be concerned about exposure in subletting arrangements.

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Income personal allowance remains frozen, whilst the capital gains allowance halves.

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The renters reform bill gets its first reading.

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New data states that the majority of private landlords are approaching already at retirement age and that landlords profits are at the lowest since 2007. This trend, coupled with an aging population, suggests a potential slowdown in the buy-to-let market in the coming years. This could lead to a decrease in the availability of rental properties, putting upward pressure on rents.

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Landlords costs set to rise, while further tenant demand has more than tripled.

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Improve legal support for tenants. The housing lost prevention advice service commenced across England and Wales. Tenants facing eviction or repossession can access free early legal advice and get representation advice on the day of any court hearing.

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Government issues new headlines on damp and mould. New guidance has been issued on the damp and mould by the Government which clarifies that landlords are always responsible at resolving any issue and making their rental properties free from hazards.

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EPC C rating targets to be scrapped.


The Renters Reform Bill gets its second reading and rents still continue to rise. The renters reform bill gets its second reading but they do not intend to now abolish the Section 21 notice, a move that has caused some buy to let landlords to hold off on selling their properties, further tightening supply in the rental market. This is until further improvements are in place within the courts.


Renters reform bill gets its second reading, a new housing minister and a chance to give his autumn statement of which little affects landlords.

Renters reform bill reaches the end of its committee stage but will it ever be put in place?


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