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The Benefits of Joining a Landlord Association

Every landlord association is different but they will all be able to offer you benefits that you cannot get on your ownFor instance, the British Landlords Association offer a free advice line for members to speak directly to lawyers. The BLA advice line is managed by consultants who have a wealth of experience in dealing with bad tenants. The law relating to the letting industry can be extremely complex. Over 126 new laws have passed within the last 5 years and many landlords feel overwhelmed with the compliance rules and regulations. It is, therefore, a great benefit for landlords to have such advice. Further benefits that associations can provide are below.

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements

You will find that a lot of associations have assured shorthold tenancy agreements that landlords can use. These are legal documents between a landlord and their tenants which set out a huge amount of legal terms and conditions for tenancies. It is so important that these documents are correct.

Courses for Landlords

Some associations offer you courses that you can go on to improve your own knowledge.

Case Law

Often associations have case law to reference for their members. You can refer to these if you have a problem with a tenant.


A lot of associations provide a newsletter such as the British Landlord Association. They send theirs out daily and can provide you with interesting articles that you may not even know about. 

Up to Date Law

Associations might communicate changes to the law in newsletters or on their websites. These are not always advertised immediately by the government and may be hidden in Acts that don’t necessarily relate to properties.


Often landlords associations have forums where you can talk to other landlords to ask for any advice or questions.

Property listings

Many landlord associations have their own portals not only for potential sales but also rentals to help you market your property.

Legal Documentation (EPCs, gas safety’s etc)

Many associations will have details on what documentation you will need to provide to tenants. They will also explain how to provide the paperwork, what to do with it and the deadlines for when they are due.


Some associations offer discounts on anything from trade magazines to contractors.
Paying a fee to be part of a landlord association might seem hard to justify when trying to make a profit from your rental property. However, they do provide a great number of resources for landlords. Landlords associations can voice concerns on your behalf about issues affecting landlords. These associations represent all landlords on all kinds of issues. Local to national, tenant disputes to government acts.
Do landlord associations have accredited courses? Yes, many landlords associations provide certifications. These help landlords prove that their property and service meet certain standards. For this reason, accredited landlords are acknowledged as more trustworthy than non-accredited landlords. As a member of a landlords association, you will be able to become accredited by taking a recognised course through the association.
There are many benefits of joining a landlord association and for such a small fee it can save you a substantial amount of money in the future.

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