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Get cover up to £2,500 per year for items with a replacement cost of less than £1,250.

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What does contents insurance cover?

Our contents insurance policy makes it easy for you to protect your belongings. The policy covers you in case your goods were damaged for instance by water, theft or malicious damage.

Alternative accommodation

If you could not live in your house because there has been flood or an event that is covered by your policy you will be given alternative accommodation.

Contents cover whilst you are out and about

This protects you whilst you are out and about in case you lose something. However, when it comes to pedal bikes there may be an additional cost.

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Your frequently asked questions about contents insurance

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance is a type of home insurance policy that will cover you providing loss or damage to your possessions in your home that aren’t part of the building. You can usually add cover to protect items away from the home temporarily such as mobile phones and laptops.

Living in rented or leased home?

No problem what so ever. The insurance will be able to provide you with cover regardless of what type of property you are in. Just fill the form out by clicking the button it only takes two minutes to complete. 

Do you have favourite belongings such as clothes, electrical items or furniture that you couldn’t live without?

Then you may want to consider taking out contents insurance to ensure that you are left too out of pocket should your favourite items be stolen or damaged.

Who is contents insurance for?

If you are renting or leasing a property and have belongings, such as clothes and furniture, that you want to protect then you may wish to take out contents insurance also known as home contents insurance.

These are for;

  • Flat owners
  • Private renters
  • Students

It may also have a requirement of your tenancy agreement that you have cover in place.

Contents insurance for tenants.

The contents insurance policy is most suitable for renters or leaseholders looking to cover their entire household.

What does contents insurance cover?

The insurance terms always look odd when you get a policy but we outline below what will be covered by your policy as such.

Protection against fire, thief and flood, lightening, explosion and earthquake.

Air craft, escape of water, thief, and collision from vehicle or animal, riots, strikes, subsidence or land slips.

Falling trees, lamp posts, smoke damage caused by any fault in the central heating system, alternative accommodation.

There are many other items that are included and there are always restrictions. Please read the details below.

What about my bike?

You can add bike cover to your contents insurance policy. This is an optional extra.

Can I cover my freezer contents?

You can cover your freezer contents but this is also known as an additional extra. Money and credit cards can also be covered against thief and unauthorised use but this is known as an additional extra.

What isn’t covered by my home contents insurance?

Things that we are unable to cover are the following;

  • Contents that does not include motor vehicles, caravans, trailers, watercraft all of their accessories.
  • Living creature.
  • Any part of the building.
  • Property held or used for business purposes.
  • Any property insured under any other insurance.
  • Existing or deliberate damage.
  • Any loss or damage caused by or resulting from any disease but notifiable to the government or local authority.
  • Any reduction in the value of the property insured for any repair or replacement.
  • Damage by wear and tear.
What restrictions are there on the policy?

There are restrictions on the policy. The maximum single article is limited to 25% of the declared away from the home sum insured value.

Otherwise agreed the following limitation apply to contents;

  • Money and credit cards are insured up to a maximum of £300 cash £1000 credit card.
  • Deeds and registered bonds and other personal documents are insured up to a maximum of £1500 in total.
  • Stamps or coins forming part of a collection are insured up to a maximum of £1250.
  • Gold, silver, gold and silver plated articles, jewellery and furs are insured up to £2,500 or 10% of the sum insured.
  • Oil tanks are insured up to £1000.
  • Thief of contents from detached out buildings are insured up to £500 or 3% of the sum insured.
How do I get a contents insurance quote?

All you have to do is click here or click the ‘Instant Quote’ button on this page and you will be put through to a form it takes two minutes to fill out, once completed you will then be able to get your cover online and buy it immediately.

What excesses are there?

There is a general excess on a policy of £100 for any individual claim, escape of water excess of £250 and a subsidence excess of £100.

How do I calculate how much my contents are worth?

This is always a difficult question when it comes to insurance and it is normally this one.

The amount of contents you need will be based on the total value of your belongings you keep in your home. The easiest way to value the contents of your home is to go through each room and do a rough total of how much you think it is worth. You might be surprised how much it comes to.

These are items you might want to take into account;

  • Furniture, such as tables, sofas, beds and wardrobes
  • Tv and other electrical items
  • Personal belongings including books, pictures and other ornaments
  • Curtains, carpets, rugs, bedding and other soft furnishings if they are yours
  • White goods and kitchen electricals if they are yours
  • The contents of your kitchen cupboards
  • Your clothes
  • Any extras

All you have to do is to click here in order to get your instant quote.

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