Do you still use a managing agent?


Even after taking the Right To Manage or Collective Enfranchisement?

Managing agent and freeholders still receive commission on insurance. They will also not disclose this to the leaseholders. It is now a requirement by law that any insurance commission they receive is disclosed to the leaseholders. iInsure365 have on many occasions provided insurance quotes for leaseholders. By doing so we have saved them substantial amounts of money.
Managing agents often come up with excuses. For example; they use this as part of their fees, or that they use the commission to deal with insurance claims. Even that the insurance isn’t on a like for like basis (often insurable items that aren’t actually required by the leaseholder). Surely they should be open and transparent and let you know exactly what you are getting?
We have found that managing agents and/or freeholders can charge up to 40% commission on insurance. They will even, on occasion, increase the premiums to earn more commission.
We are totally transparent. If you request details of any commission we will happily give it to you.

Can I get my own insurance quote for the building?

Yes, you are entitled to get your own quote.  The best way is to provide us with a copy of the full policy and schedule so we can ensure you have a like for like quote. You will likely find that the managing agent and/or freeholder will do anything in their power to keep the insurance policy with themselves. You may find that they lower the price once presented with a cheaper alternative. However, you do have the right to claim back money charged for inflated insurance through a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.  

Is iInsure365 affiliated to any managing agent?

Absolutely not, we have no affiliation with any managing agents hence why we are happy to provide details of the commission that we receiveWe ensure that your policy not only covers you on a like for like basis but will also raise questions on parts of the policy that may not be required. We often find that we cut lessees insurance premiums by up to two thirds when quoting against existing cover.  You may find that it is not easy to get the freeholder to change the insurance. So it may be worth considering the Right To Manage.

Should I complain to the managing agent about my insurance premium?

We would suggest that you always get an insurance quote first and then take it up with your managing agents.  If they do not wish to change then we would suggest that you seek legal advice from a solicitor who will be able to help. You could find that the savings outweigh solicitor costs.  

Can I change an insurance policy halfway through? 

Yes, each individual insurance company will have different charges. Be sure to check first but you may find that the savings made through ourselves will be greater than what the cancellation charge is. You need to get legal advice to ensure that you are fully aware of what the legal requirements are and what you can and cannot do. It can save you a substantial amount of money.


We will always try and help any leaseholder, freeholder or Right to Manage Company to try and reduce their costs. You will find that the savings can be substantial. Not only for the first year but every year thereafter. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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