Should I invest in Buy to Let property?


Investing in a buy to let property can be a profitable way to use your money, but there are downsides you might need to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons to buying a property to rent out.

The positives of a Buy to let.

Long term investment and growth. Whilst house prices have fluctuated in recent years, properties still are relatively safe long-term investments. You should take note that prices go up as well as down. Over the long term they normally increase but you need to make sure that you are aware of the downside.

They will generate an income and can meet mortgage re-payments. Renting out your property to tenants means they will pay for your mortgage. They may provide some extra income which will be the key to a successful buy to let. You may be able to take advantage of low buy to let mortgage rates and you could increase your profits further. It does mean that your monthly payments will be lower so your profit margin may be bigger.

You can offset some of the costs against tax.

Each year you will need to fill in a self-assessment tax return for the HMRC. You will then have to pay a tax bill. There are certain things that you can offset against tax including fees from lettings agents, council tax bills, cost of advertising your property, certain repairs and maybe some interest on your mortgage repayments. But this is being reduced. You may get tax relief for renovations to furnishings, carpets, and sofas but not necessarily improvements. You should always take the advice of an accountant.

What are the downsides with investing in a buy to let property?

One of the main downsides is the property may have what is known as a void period. This is a period where the property is empty, and you will have no income. You need to ensure that you have enough personal income to be able to ensure that you can pay the mortgages even if the property is empty for a long period of time.

From the 1st April 2016 you will need to pay an additional stamp duty known as SDLT. This is because these are now bought to lets and they range from 3% upwards. The additional rates will only apply if you own more than one residential property including your own home. It is so important that you check with your solicitors what the cost will be. It may not be a huge amount, but it is something you need to consider.

You will be responsible for maintaining the property. This means that you will need to be on hand all the time in case your tenants have a problem. You may decide that it will be easier for you to employ a letting agent. However, if boiler or a washing machine break downs it will be your responsibility to resolve it. These things can be very costly to repair or replace.

You will need to find tenants. You may wish to do this yourself or alternatively through a letting agent. It is totally a matter for you. If you can find tenants quickly and easily you may save money. However, you will need to realise you will need to advertise your property, check references when you find potential tenants, get a guarantor, arrange the deposit, and ensure it is held with an appropriate scheme. Did you know that there are 127 new laws in lettings over the last 5 years? It may be wise to employ a letting agent.

If you do have a letting agency, they would be able to deal with finding your tenants, fully vet them and sort out the paperwork. They can also take care of day-to-day issues for you but it does come at a cost.

The property market is currently busy, so what are the top tips for me to be able to buy in this market?

The spring housing market is busier than ever. We understand that some houses are being sold within a week of coming on the market. Whilst a lot of property may be coming on the market the buy and demand is quite high. This is due to the pandemic and the current reduction in stamp duty that is being reduced in June. You may find that people start to put more property on the market over the next few months.

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What are the top tips to put you in the front of the queue when you are finding a property?

Search on all the portals. You need to make sure that you search all the portals daily. You will stay on top of what is available in your area. This will allow you also to judge the prices in the area as soon as a new property comes on the market.

Sign up for instant property alerts.

All the major websites have alerts such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, Boomin and on the market. You will be able to put your details in, tell them what you are looking to purchase, and they will then match your listing. You will also receive an alert if one of those properties has had a price reduction. Always try and be first in the queue when this happens.

Apply for a mortgage in principle even if you have not found a property yet.

Estate agents are more likely going to take you as serious buyer if you have a mortgage agreed in principle. It shows that you are a willing and able purchaser wanting to make an offer. You may also need to prove that you have current funds for the deposit.

Find yourself a solicitor.

It is so important to find yourself a solicitor from day one. You will then be able to work out what the fees will be. Valuable time can be saved by having a solicitor details ready so when the offer has been accepted it can go through very quickly.

If you have a property to sell instruct an estate agent immediately to sell your property. If you have a property to sell, then go through your local estate agents and decide on which one you want to list your property. You will be in a much stronger position once your property is on the market. People will take you more seriously as you have already agreed a sale of your property. If for instance you put an offer in on a property, but you have not yet sold and somebody else does but they don’t need to sell then they are in a better position and the owner could therefore agree to sell it to them.

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Why is the property market so busy?

There is growing optimism due to the corona virus vaccine roll out. There are returns of the low deposit mortgages. Stamp duty holiday has been extended. This all motivates people to look for property.

It is very difficult to compare this from a year ago. This is because in effect the property market was effectively suspended. However, it does show that at this moment in time the prices are rising rapidly due to the amount of demand. This cant be sustained over a period and as we have stated previously the market goes up as well down so you should be careful about considering any form of investment. You ay decide to invest in other forms of property such as real estate investments, buy to let investments, property development, building a new home or alternatively invest in property abroad. We would always suggest that you seek independent financial advice so that you are fully aware of what the pitfalls are when even considering this.


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