Right To Manage

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Do you want the opportunity to control how your property is managed and reduce your costs?

Right to Manage gives leaseholders the opportunity to take over the management of their property and reduce their outgoings.
Freeholders and managing agents are often charging substantial sums on various outgoings and especially insurance. Leaseholders who manage their own building can make substantial savings from freeholders and managing agents as these people often receive commissions.

Right to Manage is your legal right!

Parliament passed legislation to help owners like yourself to have the Right to Manage your property without having to prove fault by your landlord or management company and to pay any compensation.

There is no need to prove mismanagement by the landlord or current managing agent to implement the right. It just means that you will be taking over the management functions and dealing with items such as; repairs, redecoration and maintenance, collection of service charges and insuring the building.

Examples of insurance cost savings for RTM companies:


  • Freeholders Insurance/ Managing Agents – Premium £5,814
  • Comprising of 9 Leasehold Flats
  • iInsure365 – Premium £3,106 – no compromising on the level of cover
  • Massive saving for the client – £2,707


  • New Client
  • Substantial Amount of Flats
  • Improved Cover Provided
  • Existing premium – £6200
  • Our premium – £5,315
  • Massive saving for the client – £885

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