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Professional Indemnity Insurance gives you piece of mind for you and your clients if things don’t go exactly to plan.

Whatever business that you do you will always work hard to provide the best service you can. Don’t let the unexpected era trip you up or define your business. Make sure you have the right cover in place to keep you moving.

You should always compare professional indemnity insurance quotes.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

It is an important type of business insurance. If you give advice, provide a professional service to clients or handle other people’s data or intellectual property. Where a client loses money because you provide negligence advice, services or designs.

Who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Most small business owners say they worry about making a mistake on client projects. Almost half worry about giving bad advice and some worry about one of their clients making a compensation claim in related to their professional services.

Why should you purchase and need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Many small business take out this specific insurance. It is a popular insurance if you provide professional service advice, or handle client’s data and intellectual property.


When should I get my Indemnity Insurance?

Some regulative bodies will require business to have professional indemnity insurance in place the minute they start their business. Anyone proving a professional service, handing client data or intellectual property should have it to.

How much Indemnity cover will I need?

This depends on the severity of the financial impact or, a mistake by you in your line of work. It should be enough to ensure you cover the cost of defending or settling any claims you might face. We can tailor your policy to suit your needs so that you are properly protected.

What does Professional Indemnity Insurance cost?

The cost of indemnity insurance expense depends on the nature of the work you do. You can get cover of up to 10 million for all legal cost, including damages and court fees awarded to the defendant.

Can you save me money?

We have providers who can deal with most indemnity insurance. We can also supply details of people we have been able save money on their policy. It will not always be the case but we endeavour to ensure your quote is exactly for the cover you need, at the right price. We don’t just do it on the initial purchase but on every renewal.

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What covers are in the policy?

It is difficult to give you a specific cover for any individual person because every single business is different and what they require. However, we would expect the following items to be covered;



The insurers normally insure less for fraud of loss resulting any claim. It is important when it comes to fraud you give them immediate knowledge of the fraud that has taken place.


Ombudsman awards

This is normally where you have an ombudsman award against you. Resulting any claim in performance or failing to perform. You would normally have to again inform your insurance company and they would expect you to go through immediate action activities.


Loss of documents

This relates to the loss of any document or any third parties document which you are legally responsible for. It would normally insure you for anything that has been destroyed, damaged, lost, distorted, erased or mislaid. It would normally also include cost and expenses when storing such documents subject to certain conditions.


Financial conduct authority investigation costs

If you are regulated by the financial conduct authority they would normally insure you up to reasonable costs and expenses. There is a normally a maximum and the standard is £250,000. It is important you defend any such proceedings that can be avoided and mitigate any loss. Again, it is important you inform your insurance company straight away.



This normally includes the defence costs for anyone that attends court or arbitration for a claim. There is normally set limits for directors and employees.

There will normally be an excess on every single policy ie it would have an excess for any one individual claim.


Loss of documents

This relates to the loss of any document or any third parties document which you are legally responsible for. It would normally insure you for anything that has been destroyed, damaged, lost, distorted, erased or mislaid. It would normally also include cost and expenses when storing such documents subject to certain conditions.


There are always some exclusions on policies and the standard ones are for instance;



Rising out of or relating to any dispersal mitigation or an escape of asbestos.


Bodily injury and property damage

Professional indemnity doesn’t normally cover bodily injury and property damage.


Contractual liability

This depends on the contract and includes performance warranty, guarantee, penalty clause or liquidation damages.


Directors and offices liability

This is a completely separate type of insurance and you would need to insert this separately but we can do this.



This relates to mainly employment relates practises or harassment to do with discrimination.



If a tribunal or court feels you have been dishonest although the exclusion wouldn’t normally relate to the fraud clause.


Employers liability

This is a separate insurance and we can arrange this for you.


Fee arrangement

If there is an individual fee arrangement for anything you would normally disclose it to your insurers before doing it.



There wouldn’t be any cover for this time of item

There are various other exclusions in relation to any one policy and it is important that you when you deal with professional indemnity insurance you always give all the information required from the insurance company and it is up to date.

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