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  • Does the tenant type increase my insurance premium?

    25th November 2019

    When dealing with your insurance it is important to let your insurance provider know the tenant type. It is very different with landlords if you have tenants that may be on either housing benefit or unemployed i.e. on universal credit. You are no doubt aware that the read more

  • Occupants of commercial properties make difference to premium?

    25th November 2019

    You have a commercial building and you want to rent it out and then take some commercial insurance. You are not sure what planning use you wish to use as the council said that you could have various different trades in the property. Will it affect my insurance? read more

  • What is the criteria for Right to Management?

    22nd November 2019

    Right to manage is only available to leaseholders of flats not houses. It is there to empower leaseholders to take hold of the majority of their property and take responsibility for the management of their block. While the process is simple a landlords consent is not required nor is a court read more

  • Do Landlords Associations save money on insurance?

    22nd November 2019

    Whilst we agree that Landlords Associations do a great job in certain areas, we are not sure that insurance is one of them.   What is the cost of joining a Landlords Association? There is no average as such on joining a Landlords Association but they normally start around the £80.00 mark per read more

  • Appointing a managing agent: Part 2

    29th October 2019

    They need to be aware of the requirements of Data Protection in relation to holding and handling information and who they can give it to.  Overall the guide should include as follows:-

    • Fair and lawful process
    • Processed for limited purposes
    • Adequate, relevant and non-excessive
    • Accurate and up to date
    • Not
    read more

  • Appointing a managing agent: Part 1

    29th October 2019

    If you are a freeholder or Right to Manage Company and you are thinking of employing a managing agent you need to ascertain what they charge and how they do it.  Every managing agent will be different but they have to adhere to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors code read more

  • Fire Risk Assessment

    1st October 2019

    Even if you have a right to manage or managing agents. You need to ensure that you have a fire risk assessment in relation to your property at least every five years. It is important when managing a property that you are controlling the fire risks. You have to protect read more

  • Fire Safety – Part 2 (Do I require fire doors?)

    1st October 2019

    Introduction to fire doors Fire doors are now a legal requirement in almost all commercial buildings, most accommodation premises – including blocks of flats, sheltered accommodation, housing in multiple occupation etc and even some larger owned houses.   Why are they important? You first need to understand the difference between compartmentation and passive fire read more

  • Fire Safety – Part 1

    1st October 2019

    What type of fire equipment do I need within my properties? If you are a landlord, freeholder, Right to Manage or rent property you need to consider what type of fire equipment that you need to have in your property. It is always difficult to know but you should really have read more

  • Section 20 Notice what is this? (Part 2)

    13th September 2019

    If I have a resident’s management company or a right to manage company do I need to serve a Section 20 Notice? Yes, of course, because you are under a right to manage you still have to go through the standard legal process to carry out any major works. The procedure read more