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  • Winter Property Management Tips

    28th November 2018

    Don’t let winter conditions force you to make a claim!   We have listed some tips on winter property management to ensure that your property is looked after by your tenants. Therefore ensuring that there are no unnecessary claims resulting in increased premiums:-   read more

  • Commercial Property Insurance

    26th November 2018

    Will my landlord insurance cover my commercial property?   Absolutely not! You will need an insurance policy made specifically for commercial buildings. Insurers treat commercial properties differently to residential buildings. An important factor in the premium calculation is the read more

  • Unoccupied Commercial Property Insurance

    22nd November 2018

    Unoccupied commercial insurance is extremely difficult to arrange compared to standard commercial insurance. Many insurance companies do not like to insure the properties as they represent a high risk. Insurers are reluctant to provide cover and premiums can often be higher compared to other building types. read more

  • Terrorism Insurance

    12th November 2018

    Terrorism can be defined as causing or threatening harm or fear on the public. In respect to a political, religious, ideological or similar agenda. It involves violence against one or more persons, damage to property, endangering lives of others, risking health or safety of the public and attempting or read more

  • Why do you need contents insurance?

    31st October 2018

    We often find that landlords don’t realise that contents cover can be an additional extra. The new Commercial Insurance Act puts the responsibility on landlords. For them to ensure that they have the correct cover for their property. It is now law that landlords are responsible if read more

  • Accidental damage – Do Landlords need this in their insurance?

    31st October 2018

    What is accidental damage?   Accidents will happen but what does accidental damage cover in your landlords' insurance? The definition is uniform across insurance policies. It is when damage occurs as a result of an unexpected, non-deliberate, external action. This means that it read more

  • Landlord Insurance – Do I need malicious damage cover or not?

    31st October 2018

    Malicious damage is not in all landlords insurance policies. You will find that some insurance policies will cover malicious damage by tenants. They may not cover damage by a third party or vice versa. Our Aviva insurance policy will cover both damages by the tenant and read more

  • Reinstatement cost – Have you got the right amount of cover?

    30th October 2018

    As a landlord, you are responsible to ensure that you have the correct amount of insurance for your property. Landlord insurance is calculated on the reinstatement value of your property. That is what it would cost to rebuild the property back to its original state. read more

  • New Rules for Houses in Multiple Occupation

    16th October 2018

    The Government have a new set of rules for landlords in respect to houses of multiple occupation. These have been in place as of the 1st of October 2018. The new rules work alongside further legislation from the last five years. Put in place by the Government. The read more

  • New Rules on Gas Safety Certificates – Did you know?

    16th October 2018

    On the 6th of April, a new law passed in respect of the timing of gas safety certificates. A gas safety certificate can be carried out up to two months before the expiry date without the renewal date changing. So it gives more leeway for landlords read more