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  • What is subsidence and other types of ground movement?

    3rd April 2020

    Subsidence is the downward movement of the site on which a building starts.  Where the movement is unconnected with the weight of the building. Simply put the soil beneath the building foundations is unstable. This will differ from “settlement” which can also result in the movement of a building.  With settlement read more

  • How do I get an insurance quote for landlord insurance?

    3rd April 2020

    The best way to get a quote is to call us. There are various questions which we will outline below. Which you will need to answer as insurance companies like to know the circumstances and the occupiers of your property. These questions are very simple and it will take very little read more

  • Cover Lite vs Full Cover

    3rd April 2020

    We have searched the insurance market and come up with a new product called cover lite. We have often been asked by landlords whether we could provide a cheaper product. This cover lite policy allows you to be able to do this at a reduced cost. Yet, it is always important for read more

  • Buying your freehold and/or lease extension?

    3rd April 2020

    They are never quite sure what length of time is reasonable or acceptable in the market but in real terms you are looking for over 80 years before you really need to take any action regarding your lease.  Is it therefore worth considering buying the freehold? Many leaseholders don’t appreciate that read more

  • What is professional Indemnity insurance?

    28th February 2020

    In real terms, professional indemnity insurance means peace of mind for you and your clients if things don’t go exactly as they should do. Whatever business you’re in, you work hard to provide the best service you can and that is what clients expect. Don’t let an unexpected read more

  • Does Right to manage relate to retirement flats?

    25th February 2020

    The retirement sector is difficult and very different to leaseholders. If you have any further concerns after reading this then don’t hesitate to contact Age UK advice. Which is a free confidential national phone service for older people for their friends, family and carers and organizations that act on their read more

  • Does my commercial occupancy make a difference to my premium?

    25th February 2020

    You have a commercial building and you want to rent it out and then take some commercial insurance. You are not sure what planning use you wish to use as the council said that you could have various different trades in the property. Will it affect my insurance? Yes, it will read more

  • Winter tips for keeping our property safe during this time

    28th January 2020

    As a landlord it is important to ensure that your property is kept safe and make sure that you winter proof your property. This can save money in the long term for you not only in insurance claims but also any damage that may occur that may not be insured. We read more

  • Tenant occupancy -Does increase insurance?

    28th January 2020

    When dealing with your insurance it is important to let your insurance provider know who is occupying your property. It is very different with landlords if you have tenants that may be on either housing benefit or unemployed i.e. on universal credit? You are no doubt aware that the Government has read more

  • Collective Enfranchisement

    3rd January 2020

    What is the legislation under where you can buy your freehold? The legislation that outlines this is the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended). This has the legal right for the leaseholders of a building, or part of a building to join together and buy the freehold read more