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  • How to Organize for an Enfranchisement

    12th February 2019

    You have established that there are enough tenants to qualify the building. What do you do now?   Enter into a participation agreement   Providing the participating tenants have agreed to proceed with no exceptions. All participating tenants should enter into read more

  • What is Enfranchisement?

    12th February 2019

    It is the right, subject to qualification, for owners of flats in a block to buy their freehold. People often apply for enfranchisement to try and reduce their costs and take control of what they spend on the building long term. The relevant Act is the Leasehold read more

  • How to Gather Information and Deal with the Initial Notice

    12th February 2019

    There is one important first step for leaseholders who are considering serving a notice on the freeholder. The leaseholders have to gather information on the people in the building and whether they will be qualifying tenants   The leaseholders need to do read more

  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

    11th February 2019

    Do I need Directors and Officers liability insurance?   The cover protects the Directors and Officers of Right To Manage companies or residents associations. It will be individuals that administer and make decisions for their block of flats. They are usually unpaid volunteers read more

  • Law Commission Proposal for April 2019

    31st January 2019

    The Law Commission has unveiled a series of reforms. These are with the view to make it quicker and easier for leaseholders to take control of the day to day management of their flat block.   We at iInsure365 are privileged to have been able to contribute read more

  • Valuation of a freehold subject to long leases

    31st January 2019

    The valuation of a freehold of a block of flats with long leases is based on the investment value.    In order to value an investment for enfranchisement purposes and to achieve such an income for so many years there has to be a calculation. It is read more

  • Do you still use a managing agent?

    29th January 2019

    Even after taking the Right To Manage or Collective Enfranchisement?   Managing agents and freeholders still receive commission on insurance. They will also not disclose this to the leaseholders. It is now a requirement by law that any insurance read more

  • Do Landlords need to follow the Law on Licencing?

    23rd January 2019

    Yes, absolutely, landlords need to follow all the regulations that the law demands. When taking out insurance they confirm that they are complying with UK laws and are responsible if not. Landlords, therefore, have to make sure that they follow all current and up to date laws.   read more

  • How does the Insurance Act of 2015 affect leaseholders?

    23rd January 2019

    iInsure365 arrange building insurance for blocks of flats. We understand in detail the distinct requirements for these types of properties. We arrange flat block insurance for purpose-built and converted properties, owner-occupied blocks and rented flats.   Why is iInsure365 different from a managing agent?   iInsure365 read more

  • Is it worth buying the freehold as a leaseholder?

    22nd January 2019

    Unfair service charges for leaseholders are rife. In England and Wales, there are powerful laws that give leaseholders rights. Leaseholders can force the freeholder to sell and buy the freehold in order to take over the management of the block of flats and have more control over their read more