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You won’t have to worry about filling out long and lengthy forms to find cheap landlord insurance. With iInsure365 you can speak to one of the team who will look for the quote for you from our panel of providers.


A landlord may have one or more properties in the United Kingdom that they rent out to others. It is important for landlords to spend time looking for the right insurance. Make sure to find an insurance policy specifically designed for landlords.


We often find that a new landlord will think that a home insurance policy will suffice. This is not the case and often when they make a claim the insurer will almost certainly turn it down. Standard home insurance policies mostly cover homeowners or property owners, not landlords. If you stick with your normal house insurance policy you could find yourself with no cover at all.


Landlord cover is tailored towards landlords and their specific requirements. We will ensure that we understand what you need cover for. Even eventualities such as alternative accommodation and loss of rental income.


What about Rent Guarantee?


If you are a landlord you may have experienced a non-paying tenant. You will know how stressful and how frustrating it can be. Whilst it is legally possible to remove them there are certain steps that have to be followed. These will lead to more costs. We can add rent guarantee cover to your insurance policy if required.


Is Contents Insurance necessary?


A landlord might want to consider adding contents insurance if they are renting out the property fully furnished. However, they are not responsible for insuring the tenants’ belongings.


As always there will be some items that aren’t covered by the standard insurance policy. A good example could be kitchen appliances but each policy is different. It is important to check what the policy includes and to ensure you have enough contents cover. iInsure365 offers cover for buildings and content as well as contents cover only.


What about Malicious Damage?

Malicious damage insurance isn’t a cover that can be taken out on its own. The definition for most insurers is damage caused by somebody on purpose. Some insurers will include damage made by tenants and some won’t. You will need to check the wording of your policy and what excess applies. It will pay for the cost of repairing intentional damages.In a block of flats, you may find that the freeholder has insured the entire building. If that is the case they will then be responsible for any damage that takes place at the property. It is important for landlords to realize that damage does not cover the tenant’s possessions. It is always a good idea for tenants to take out their own insurance for their belongings.


Insurance Cover You Can Trust


iInsure365 provide tailor-made Insurance to give you the protection you need. We have cover provided by Aviva and other major UK insurers. This is to ensure that both landlords and buy-to-let owners can get the coverage they need. We will compare the market for you, without compromising on the quality of the cover. Our clients know that they can rely on us for quick and simple solutions. We can issue documents on the same day we set up the insurance policy. We provide simple landlords insurance that is easy to understand and comprehensive. Request a call back for either a commercial or residential landlord insurance quote. We will call when it suits.


Being a landlord carries a whole range of risks and responsibilities. Normal home insurance simply doesn’t provide the full range of protection you need. You need specific Landlord Insurance to protect your investment or risk further financial losses. iInsure365 understand that a landlord will want peace of mind as they cannot be at the property the whole time. So it is imperative to have the best landlord insurance possible. Our customers know this and trust us to compare insurance for them as we understand the pitfalls open to a buy to let landlord.


What information do I need to get a quote?


You will need some very basic information in order for us to give you a quote such as:-


• The declared value of the property
• How you would like to pay
• Any claims history you may have
• What type of property it is
• The tenancy type i.e. whether the leaseholders live there or someone rents the flats out on a short or long term basis
• What type of cover you are looking for. We can go through this with you
• Who the policy should be in the name of and if any mortgage providers need a notation


We can help you through the process. We can provide you with a policy that can start immediately.


Optional extras are:-


• Rent guarantee insurance
• Additional landlords contents insurance
• Unoccupied property insurance
• Business insurance


Who occupies the property?


When taking out a policy you will be asked what your tenants do. Their occupations are categorised for ease. These are the main categories you can choose from:

• Employees
• Students
• Those in receipt of housing benefits
• Unemployed
• Self-employed
• Asylum seekers
• Retired
• A mix of the above


It matters because the type of tenant in the property will have an impact on how much you pay for landlord insurance. For instance, letting to students or those in receipt of housing benefits will result in a higher premium. This is because of assumptions made around these groups’ lack of income or low level of take-home pay. Due to this, they represent a higher risk to insurers, who worry you’ll struggle to fill your rental property. In particular, you’ll pay a much steeper premium if you want your policy to cover you for non-payment of rent.


We will always ask who is renting the property as we have certain insurers that look at some tenant types more favourably than others. It is always in our interest to find the best level of cover for the best price possible.


What if the property is vacant?


You will need to notify us if the property is vacant for more than 30 days. It won’t be a problem if this is the case. There may be an additional premium to pay due as a vacant property represents a higher risk to an insurer. Most policies will cover you for a claim if your property’s left empty for a short period, usually 30 days. Handy if you’re planning a quick renovation or kitchen overhaul. So if thieves broke in or your property suffered damage from a water leak, you’d get a payout. If you don’t notify your insurer, you could find yourself uninsured and out of pocket. Your property may have been taken over by squatters, vandalised or damaged by fire or flood.


Should I look at comparable websites?


Yes, you can get quotes from them, but, in all cases, insurance providers pay to be at the top of the page. You thus wouldn’t receive or get the best possible price or cover. They are not independent. Insurers pay for the listings they are trying to make the most out of the quote that they can. They are not in your best interest and should be avoided. It is a specialised market. Comparable websites are for general insurance such as home cover. You could be compromising on your cover that could leave you underinsured or with no insurance.


How did I get here?


Accidental landlords are growing in numbers. It could be that they have married and moved into a partner’s home and rent out their old home. Or those who inherit a property and decide to let it out rather than sell. Failing to let your insurer know or take out landlord insurance would mean that any insurance claim would be invalid.


You could ring your existing insurer which, in most cases, will simply ‘upgrade’ your ordinary home insurance policy. It takes just one phone call and there’ll usually be a higher premium to pay to reflect this greater risk.


But do this and you’ll usually find your new policy won’t include key landlord specific extras such as loss of rent or public liability.


iInsure365 are landlord insurance specialists so we understand the level of cover necessary. There are specific risks that tenanted properties are exposed to. Our experience in this field sets us apart.


Is Landlord Insurance a Legal Requirement?

There’s no legal obligation for a landlord to take out a dedicated insurance policy. However, if you have a mortgage on your property your lender will likely require proof of insurance before releasing the funds. Remember, you’ll generally need written permission from your mortgage lender to let out your property. Failure to get this may mean that you’re breaking the terms of the mortgage. Also, failing to have the correct insurance means that the landlord is liable for any damage to the building. 
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