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Q. How much money could I save?

A. A recent customer, Mr B, saved over £700 when switching to us. He insured his property portfolio through his landlord association who offered a renewal premium of over £7,200. Our quote was £5,542 with no reduction in cover. The customer then chose to pay by direct debit to spread the cost over the year.

Q. Does your landlord association give you their best price first time?

A. We had a previous customer that left their insurer as we provided better cover at a cheaper premium. The following year the same insurer reduced their premium hugely so the customer went back to them. Why didn’t the insurer do that the first time? We give the best premium we can without compromising on cover levels.

Q. Do landlord associations appreciate their members?

A. The largest landlord associations have tens of thousands of members, they can’t help all of those members all the time. The UKs leading landlord association has a Google rating of 3.3 stars out of 5. Ours is 4.9 out of 5. This proves our commitment to customer service and shows that our customers appreciate the attention we pay to them. Don’t believe us? See our reviews for yourself.

Q. Does the landlord association discount ensure you get the best deal?

A. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Landlord associations typically use one insurer or broker. This limits the members to only using those insurers to get their discount. Wouldn’t it be better to get a few quotes so that you know you are getting a great deal? iInsure365 can do that for you. We use our panel of insurers to offer the best premiums we can, we can give multiple quotes to give you better choice.

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