Who needs home insurance?


While home insurance isn’t a legal requirement the same way as car insurance, it is important and helpful to protect your home. We have all types of policies designed for all types of occupants. It is important you get the right policy and we can deal with the following;


If you own your home outright, or currently paying off the mortgage you will be responsible for the building. It is important you understand you are responsible for the physical structure of the home and any belongings you have on the property.

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If you own a property and you are renting it out, you will need insurance. You are legally responsible for the properties condition. You will need to cover the building and the contents you provide. Click here to find out more about landlords building insurance.

Renting to students

You are renting to students therefore you need specific insurance. It doesn’t just come under normal insurance. You may not be covered if you haven’t got the right policy in place. Why not contact us to discuss this on 01273 827090.

Holiday homeowners

If you have a holiday home that isn’t otherwise unoccupied. You are likely to need our specialists home insurance for properties that are empty for long periods of time and we can do this for you.

Unoccupied home insurance

This covers you when your home is empty longer than your standard policy will allow. Every policy is different but it is normally between 30-60 days. However, anything that happens outside this period you then wouldn’t be covered.

When your home is empty for this period of time, the chances of theft go up. Unoccupied home also carries a higher risk of structural damage, for instance burst pipes and if there is no-one there to handle repairs, the effects could be even more damaging.

Unoccupied home insurance is not included in normal house insurance policies. So you would need to take out a separate policy.

When do you need unoccupied home insurance?

There are a few situations you might need empty property insurance. These include;

  • When doing renovations to building work and it might involve you moving out.
  • Waiting for a property sale to complete.
  • Going on a holiday or travelling for an extended period.
  • It is a secondary property or holiday home you don’t normally live in.
  • You’re a landlord and the property is empty between tenants for an extended period.

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What else do we cover?

We can cover all types of policies for you an example is the list below although it is not an exhausted list;


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