Holiday Home Insurance for Beginners


Owning a holiday home sounds idyllic, but it comes with responsibilities like any property. Regular home insurance likely won’t cut it, that’s where holiday home insurance steps in.

Why do I need specific insurance?

Standard home insurance is meant for constantly occupied residences. Holiday homes face different risks:

  • Unoccupancy:

They might be vacant for long stretches, increasing the risk of vandalism or burst pipes.

  • Letting:

If you rent it out, there are additional concerns like guest injuries or damage.

What does it cover?

There are two main parts to holiday home insurance:

  • Buildings Insurance:

Protects the structure of your home from fire, storms, flooding, and more. It can also cover permanent fixtures like pools.

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  • Contents Insurance:

Covers your furniture, appliances, and other belongings inside the home.

Do I need both?

You can choose to insure just the building, the contents, or both. Consider the value of your property and belongings to decide.

Renting Out Your Home?

If you plan to rent out your holiday home, you’ll need specialist holiday let insurance. This covers risks specific to rentals, like:

  • Loss of rent: If your property is damaged and becomes unrentable.
  • Public liability: If someone gets injured at your home and sues you.
  • Accidental damage: If a guest accidentally damages your property.

Additional Considerations

  • High-value items: Some policies might exclude high-value items like artwork. Check the details and add extra cover if needed.
  • Location: If your holiday home is in a flood-prone area, you might need specific flood cover.

Getting a Quote

To get a quote, click here for up to three quotes. Be prepared to answer questions about:

  • The location and type of your property
  • Whether you plan to rent it out
  • The value of the building and contents
  • Any security features you have


Holiday home insurance provides peace of mind. By comparing quotes and choosing the right cover, you can ensure your dream getaway is protected. If you want to discuss your property with us call us today on 01273 827090 or click here.


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