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If you have any other frequently asked questions not answered below, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, debit card, credit cards, direct debit and cheques. There are no fees for debit or credit cards. Interest charges and payment schedules vary depending on providers.

I have made payment, when should I expect my documents?

We aim to issue all documents electronically within 24 hours of payment. If necessary, we will instantly confirm cover by email in addition to this. Sometimes we are reliant on the insurance companies providing us with certificates but it is unusual. We will normally be able to give you these the same day if they are required. If you want these to be sent to your solicitor then we can provide this as well. We can do instant changes for you unless it has to be referred to an insurance company for something unusual.

Are you the insurer or a broker?

We are a broker and we have a substantial amount of providers. A lot of our providers are huge insurance companies who insure billions of pounds worth of properties throughout the world. We have a huge amount of market that we can go to for your property. It may be that you ask us to go to a specific provider or insurance company or we may be able to give you two or three quotes of different providers with different covers as well as prices. We will ensure that you get the best possible cover at the cheapest price. It is a matter for you what type of cover you take as we not able to advise. We will provide you with different alternatives which you will then decide which one you wish to take. We can normally offer two different types of quotes and potentially three depending on the type of property. We wont increase the price dramatically either as other providers do. We always try to do the best for our clients whether it is the first year or the second year.

We will try to ensure you get the best possible price and cover every year that you are with us.

Do you offer other types of insurance?

We have access to markets for a wide range of insurances that we can deal with and we don’t just deal with landlords building insurance. We can deal with commercial, professional indemnity insurance, directors insurance and tenants contents insurance as well as many more. This is not the exhausted list so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this. You will see from our website there are very different types of policies we can provide and some of these can be taken out instantly on our website without even the need to talk to us. Please don’t hesitate to use any of the website in this regard. For instance, if you want a residential or commercial quote please click here. Put the details in and it will automatically generate you quotes for you to see.

If your property is unusual such as occupants are Asylum Seekers than we can deal with this for you. We also deal with a huge amount of commercial property, grade listed buildings, hotels and many more. So don’t hesitate to let us know what you are looking for.

I need to make a claim, who do I speak to?

Firstly, please contact the office on 01273 827090 or alternatively email us on . We will then liaise with your insurance company to make sure you are put in the right direct to make a claim. They will then contact you direct in order to progress this as quickly as possible for you to get the best possible outcome. We are not in charge of claims. This is dealt with by the insurance company but if you do need us to intervene at any time or chase anything then we are more than happy to do so.

What happens if my property becomes vacant?

A vacant property is often known as unoccupied. We specialise in this area. Unoccupied property is always high risk for insurance companies and many not actually be able to cover you. We can do this for you. We can cover you for unoccupied for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months if it is a longer form of unoccupied we can even do this for you. There will always be a premium when it comes to unoccupied property as it is high risk but you can reduce this by putting in various security measures at your property and please don’t hesitate to read our latest news section for this. We pride ourselves on our news articles and there is a lot of advice and information contained within them that will help you especially with unoccupied property. If your property becomes unoccupied during the term where a tenant was in it previously you should always advise your insurance company. You would normally have 30 days in which to re-let the property without effecting your cover but every insurance company is different. It is important that you always have some form of dialogue with us if this happens. We can help you to ensure your property is adequately covered because it is unoccupied. The better the communication the better the cover will be and you know your investment is safe.

How long are your quotes valid for?

30 days unless otherwise stated. If you need the quote to last longer then talk to us. We may be able to get the insurance company to extend it for a further period of time. You must understand that rates fluctuate not just on the property and the occupier but at the time of year and with insurance companies. They are all different. For instance a building insurance quote is very different from business premises, public liability insurance and definitely different from landlords insurance cover. An unoccupied commercial premises is very different from commercial property insurance and therefore the times that these quotes can stand will all be different.

Do you cover DSS tenants?

Yes, as long as the AST is direct between the landlord and tenant. Likewise, if this is not the case, it is at the insurers discretion. We also can cover Asylum Seekers, unoccupied property, company lets and many more different users. We have a wide range of insurance companies that can cater for all occupiers in respect of properties. It is important that you understand that if for instance you have a residential occupier and then half way through the tenancy it changes to an Asylum Seeker then you would need to inform your insurance company. This is a material change to your policy.

Can you insure properties outside of the UK?

Yes we can, to discuss our policy please contact our office. This can be very difficult because insurance companies don’t like to insure properties that are abroad but it can be done. It depends on the property and the insurance company.

I am currently residing outside of the UK, can I get insurance?

We can insure non-UK residents, whether the property is inside or outside the UK. Please contact our office for a quote. We understand it can be very difficult for people who currently live abroad to insure their properties in the United Kingdom. We are one of the companies that has providers that are able to do this. It depends on exactly how you own the property. Is it in your individual name? Is it in a company? It then depends on the occupant and what you are going to do to it. Is it a development or is it a long term investment? These are all questions that the insurance company would wish to know. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01273 827090.

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