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Flat Block Insurance to Compare


Ownership and responsibility for a block of flats can vary. Flat ownership and insurance for flats fall into the following categories
  • The freeholder can arrange buildings insurance for the whole block.
  • The flat block may have a managing agent who has the responsibility of insuring the block
  • The leaseholders of a building may decide to take care of the insurance themselves. This is a right-to-manage company.
Insurance for a block of flats can be easily designed to take into account the various ownership structures. It can also cover non-standard risks such as malicious damage and landlords contents insurance. In some cases, residents in blocks of flats rely on Management Companies to handle maintenance and other tasks. The residents of the block of flats may have taken the Right to Manage. In this case, they may be considering looking for a landlord block of flats insurance. The process of looking for such insurance may depend on the size of the block and the elements of cover needed.
There are comparison sites that can be visited online that may help. However, by taking that route they may not be offering a policy of the same standard. For instance cover for things like subsidence, liability insurance, malicious damage and landlords contents insurance. Where specialist insurance is required it is always worth looking into the market to see what is available. We can do that for you and offer various providers. Whether looking to insure a flat in a block, a maisonette or a whole block of flats we can provide you with comprehensive, cheap insurance. Whatever circumstance applies, we can provide the cover you need.

Money Supermarket or the Right Cover?

iInsure365 provide an all risk block insurance policy. This will cover the building as well as liability for the property or flat owners. It can also include contents insurance whether it be for shared areas only or not. We can provide policies for leaseholders that cover the whole building. As well as this, if one flat is vacant it won’t affect the insurance covers for the remaining flats. If you need Block of Flats Insurance, you can be confident that the policy you arrange through iInsure365 will be right for your needs. For a competitive Block of Flats Insurance quote, please fill in the following form.

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I have insured my property with iInsure365 for the last 8 years.Yet, they were able to maintain the cover and the premium which I appreciated them doing.
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