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Commercial insurance is an individual requirement that needs to be right for the person and property. So we would need to discuss at length with you your requirements.

We are here to ensure that you make the right decision for your business. There may be items that are important to you for your commercial business. These may be the level of your cover, depending on your circumstances and the choices you wish to make. Our policy documents will provide the full details of all of the cover that you have chosen. 

Businesses often have a situation where their financial losses can be large and cover various parts of their business. It can be anything from storm damage to flood, fire and loss of income due to business interruption. You may require specific risks to your business or sector to be covered that can only be done by a commercial insurance. We can deal with these for you. There are various different types of business insurance and different providers. This can protect not only yourself, your employees but also your business assets. Our covers can be flexible to meet the needs of your particular business. 

Many private homeowners compare insurance before buying. So too should commercial owners and landlords. When comparing commercial buildings insurance you want to be sure the policy will cover the cost of any financial loss you might suffer.

For example buildings insurance and public liability in the case of compensation claims.

Even though you may have tenants in the building, accidents can still happen. There are things that cannot be foreseen such as a bus driving into a building for instance. We can provide adequate cover if anything were to happen.

Are you concerned about renting your property out to somebody who has an unusual occupation?

Have you got the right commercial insurance in place? We often find having spoke to commercial clients they don’t realise that when a tenant changes that they have to inform their insurance company. Insurance covers are very different for occupiers when it comes to commercial property. The rates may be completely different from a restaurant to a warehouse and from a coffee shop to a café. It is important that you let your insurance company know exactly who the occupier is. Commercial property has become extremely popular with pension funds and people are purchasing them more with a view to doing long term investments. Make sure you have the correct cover for your investment.

Have you considered the rebuilding costs recently?

Rebuild costs throughout the insurance industry and especially in the commercial basis have increased dramatically over the years. Especially in the last couple of years due to the increase in costs. It is so important that you have the right sum insured for your property. Every property is different. Has your property got a different construction to others? You will find that many other commercial properties are all different in their construction and therefore the cost of rebuilding them are different. It is so important that you understand the different between the difference of what the value of your property is and the rebuild cost. Many people believe that the value of it is sometimes more than the rebuild cost and this may not be the case. There are various different websites that you can use to try and ascertain what the sum insured would be but we would always recommend a surveyor who can do a proper valuation for you and work out the sum insured so it is absolutely correct. This would then need to be index linked every year to ensure you keep up with the ever increasing market.

Why not contact us on 01273 827090 for a quote or alternatively click here for an instant estimate of what the quote would be.

Unoccupied Commercial Properties

An unoccupied commercial property can be extremely difficult to cover. We have providers for these risks though. We can with speed and ease provide you with comparable building insurance quotations.

oCommercial properties can warrant the inclusion of specific items. 

Do you have a commercial property that you need to insure that is unoccupied. We are able to provide you with such quotes which we know are difficult in the market. We have wide range of suppliers that can provide an extensive range f cover for you. These can include loss of rent and alternative accommodation for your commercial premises. We deal with a large range of business premises as we understand that no two commercial properties are the same. 

We can also provide you with professional indemnity insurance if you wish. Our providers can cover anything such as warehouses, retail shops, shopping centres, restaurants and a lot more so don’t hesitate to contact us. Why not look at our google reviews here to see how good we are. We take pride in finding the right policy for the right building/client. 

iInsure365 can provide an insurance policy for office blocks and we have a great price for this. If you require a combined commercial insurance policy then we can do this for you. Whatever package of insurance policy you require for your commercial building then let us know and we will source it from the market. iInsure365 deals with all different types of businesses so why not get a call back from us to see what we can do for you.

Commercial policies consist of building cover, contents insurance, public liability, and alternative accommodation. We provide a commercial combined insurance policy. This is a package insurance policy that includes the building and the business. We can insure all different types of businesses, so request a call back from us and we will see how we can cover you.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance covers you for legal costs if a third party is injured or dies. Or their property is damaged as a result of your business activity. It covers you whilst you are out in public, and if you have clients visiting your business premises. You can usually choose cover limits between £1M and £5M you should pick a limit that reflects the work you do. For example, a builder is more likely to cause injury or property damage than a photographer. If you’re unsure of the limit your business needs speak to us.

Employers Liability

It provides cover if your staff suffer injury or die whilst they are doing work for your business and you’re found to be negligent. You are legally required to have £5M employers’ liability cover if you have staff working for you. This includes volunteers, apprentices and people on work experience. You must keep your employers’ liability certificate on display at your business premises. For example in the staff room.

Professional Indemnity

If you run a business that offers advice to customers for a fee. You will need to have professional indemnity insurance. The type of businesses that usually need professional indemnity insurance include Solicitors, Accountants, Financial advisors, Business consultants, Architects, Engineers

If you are unsure if you need professional indemnity insurance then speak to us. We can easily provide a quote by taking some basic information. So don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

One Policy, Many Uses

We can insure commercial and residential parts of the same property in one policy. Most notably, this will ensure the easiest and most cost effective solution possible. We have partnerships with a number of major UK insurance companies. Due to this, our insurers have access to markets to ensure you have the correct business insurance cover you need.

More Commercial Insurance Information

What is a Rebuild Cost?
When insuring a building, you must advise the insurer of the value to insure the property. This is known as the rebuild cost. If you get your rebuild costs wrong and they are lower than the correct value then you are at risk. So in the event of claims insurers will only pay a percentage of the claim amount. This method of paying out a percentage of a claim is known as a condition of average.

There are various ways that property owners can calculate the rebuild cost but the easiest way is via The website will work out for you the exact residential rebuilding cost.

We have teamed up with To provide you with affordable reinstatement costs. We are able to provide you with a comprehensive rebuild cost assessment (RCA) report guiding you on how much you should insure your building. This is a fantastic and affordable online service. Which can protect your organisation from the severe consequences of under insurance. Backed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors organisation it lasts two years.

Commercial insurance or Business insurance?
People often get confused between commercial insurance and business insurance. Business insurance provides financial protection for businesses. To include public liability insurance and cover for equipment and stock.

Business insurance is designed for sole traders and certified professionals. As well as larger companies with employees. Irrelevant of its size, it is important to get the right protection for your business.

If you work for yourself. You need business insurance to give you the same protection you would have had if you were employed. This also applies if you work from home.

What cover depends on:-

  • The type of business you run
  • What you need to protect eg tools, stock, contents
  • How many people you employ

You can tailor policies to include cover for your business deeds. You can include all these types of insurance under one policy. Or buy them separately if you need specialist cover.

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