Why Choose Us?


Same-day cover and documents

Why choose us? We have binding authority with insurers. Due to this, we are able to offer cover instantly, therefore, allowing you to provide solicitors, lenders or lessees with the necessary proof of insurance.

We are not a call centre

You can be safe in the knowledge that you will only speak to an experienced account manager based in the United Kingdom. You will always speak to the same people, we take pride in having the same staff.  Visit our Google reviews to see our customers feedback!

Multi-property discount

If you have a property portfolio we will offer the best cover for the cheapest price available at the time of purchase. As a result, we can offer a multi-property discount. No only do we give discounts but we always offer the best price for insurance.

Cover for multiple tenant types

We know that your tenants might be anything from working professionals to students or even in receipt of benefits. Above all, we are proud of our ability to find cover for a whole range of occupancies. Do you have an unusual occupants like Asylum seekers. We can cover them. Read more about this on our news centre!

A service tailor made to the client

At iInsure365, we strongly believe that the insurance process does not need to be difficult. Consequently, when it comes to payment, we will discuss with you the best options. We accept a number of payment methods and finance so that you can spread the cost if you wish.

We won’t hassle you

Why choose us? Unless you request so, you will only hear from us on renewal. We take pride in having an extremely high retension rate with all of our renewals. Most of our clients often put more properties on with us.

No automatic renewals

We treat every renewal as a new sale and want to know that you are content with the terms and service offered. As a result, we will only renew your policy with your confirmation. You can speak to us anytime regarding your renewals.

No introductory offer traps

We believe in treating the customers fairly from day one. Hence, we will not increase your premiums on renewal without reason. Many insurance companies offer you a fantastic rate in the first year and then increase it dramatically in the next year. We offer you the best possible cover and price every year.