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Do You Need Insurance for an Airbnb UK?

If you are considering using Airbnb UK then its important to have the right protection. We provide insurance for landlords that market they’re property through sites like Airbnb and Stayz. It will give you the insurance cover you need for your short term let.

How Does Our Host Insurance Work?

You may be letting a room or property for short-term rentals through an online booking site. That service may provide you with a limited Airbnb host protection insurance but the coverage will not be comprehensive. Without correct cover, you as a landlord, are leaving yourself open to huge financial risk. Some sites offer limited liability cover for when a guest has an accident in your property. This wouldn’t cover if a postman or someone not staying in the property has an accident. So you are still liable. Online booking sites do not offer public liability protection in any way and/or do not provide cover for the loss of booking income. So you would forego the income while damages are being repaired. The insurance packages offered by the online services are inadequate. It is up to you to protect yourself. At iInsure365 you can be sure of the right cover with our host insurance. So that you have peace of mind when renting a room or the whole house.

How Can I Protect My Spare Room?

Our host insurance gives you the host protection you need. The policy offers insurance for hosts who let to short-term guests. The policy includes building and contents insurance for anyone in a rent a room scheme. The building cover protects the structure of your property including breakage of glass windows and theft of keys. It includes loss of rent following an insured event. So you don’t miss out on earnings while the property is undergoing repairs. The contents cover provides extensive coverage of all your possessions in the property. It covers everything in the communal areas, including outside garden equipment and furniture. The Host insurance package includes public liability insurance. This covers legal liability for hosts. It also provides you with Property Owners Liability Cover and Employers Liability cover. This means if someone has an accident in your property you have the right cover in place. For a competitive host insurance quote, please fill in the following form.
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I have been in the estate and lettings industry for over 35 years. So, I have often needed to source Landlords Buildings Insurance for both myself and my wife. iInsure365 have made the process extremely easy and simple. Similarly, I wish all business dealings were the same.
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