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Houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) and their insurance implications

HMO seems to be the buzzword of the moment in the property industry. As a landlord, you will have no doubt have encountered the phrase. Each council has a different view as to what they classify as a HMO. In short, it is a property occupied by multiple unrelated tenants. We would suggest you consult your local authority website to see if your property is a HMO.

We’ve found insurers are very hesitant about the H word. Below we’ve listed the main points underwriters will look at when considering HMO’s.

  • How many tenants occupy the property? Insurers may insist properties with high numbers of tenants are insured for at least a certain amount.
  • Is it bedsit accommodation? Bedsits usually command a high rate.
  • Is cooking allowed in the bedrooms? Instant decline for most insurers. Cooking should be limited to the communal facilities provided.
  • Have you acquired the necessary licence from your council?
  • Have gas safety checks been carried out in line with regulations?
  • Do you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or Shorthold tenancy with all tenants residing at the property?

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