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Do You Need Host Insurance?

With all the extra responsibilities and risks of being an Airbnb host, simple home insurance does not provide the protection required for paying guests in your property. We provide host insurance for landlords that market their property through sites like Airbnb. It will give you the cover you need to feel protected.


How Does Our Airbnb Host Insurance Work?

If you are letting out your property for short-term rentals through an online booking site, that service may provide you with a limited basic insurance but the coverage is likely to be far from comprehensive. Without additional cover, you as a landlord, are leaving yourself open to huge financial risk.

For example, the basic cover provided by online services such as Airbnb, offers no protection for your contents and personal possessions within the let property. If your furniture or expensive electronics are damaged there is no opportunity to recover any costs to replace or repair them and if a watch or bag is stolen from under your roof by a guest, you are not covered.

Airbnb now offers limited liability cover for when a guest has an accident in your property, but if a postman or someone not staying in the property has an accident, you are liable. Online booking sites also do not offer public liability protection in any way.

Online booking services do not provide cover for Loss of booking income. So you would have to forego the income while damages are being repaired providing alternative cover wasn’t in place.

The basic packages offered by the online services are woefully inadequate. It is up to landlords to financially protect themselves from potential damages caused by external accidents, or the guests themselves. For just a little extra cost, you can ensure you are fully protected with our Airbnb host insurance, giving you peace of mind when letting out your property.


How Can I Protect Myself?

Our host Airbnb insurance for Airbnb and other online letting bookings, is tailor-made to give landlords the protection they require. The comprehensive policy offers both building and contents insurance for landlords looking to rent out their properties to short-term guests.

The additional building cover protects the structure of your property from accidental breakage of glass windows and ceramic hobs, damage to gardens caused by the emergency services (if called) and the theft of keys. The building cover also includes loss of rent following damage, so you don’t miss out on earnings while the property is undergoing repairs.

The additional contents cover provides extensive coverage of all your possessions in the property during the rental. It covers everything in the communal areas, including outside garden equipment and furniture.

The comprehensive Airbnb host insurance package delivers additional liability cover for any legal liability incurred under the Defective Premises Act. It also provides you with Property Owners Liability Cover and Employers Liability cover. This means if someone has an accident in your property, you are fully protected.


How Long Is It For?

The Airbnb Host insurance package will cover you for 12 months unless you choose to cancel it before the expiration of this period.

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